********BY APPOINTMENT ONLY********

Sadly, child abductions and Silver Alerts are becoming common place in today’s world.  With that in mind, the Gray County Sheriff’s Office utilized diversion funds in 2022 to purchase an Ident-A-Kid program that allows parents and guardians to secure fingerprints, demographic data and a photo of their loved ones, all on one form.  Those unable to secure their own safety, particularly children and senior citizens, are the target groups for this service.  In the unfortunate event of an abduction, natural disaster or accident, the information contained on the Ident-A-Kid card will be invaluable tool in aiding law enforcement agencies to quickly spread the information to assisting agencies.  The quicker this information is available to law enforcement, the quicker the search for your loved one can begin.

IMPORTANT:  The sheriff’s office does NOT keep any information.  Once the fingerprints, photo and information are entered into the computer system and the form is printed for your safe keeping, the data is wiped from the computer.  Below is a sample of the completed form.

There are two convenient options to utilize this FREE service by contacting the office to schedule an appointment for:

  • Completion at the Sheriff’s Office, or
  • Setting up at community events, such as school open house, school enrollment or church event

We are pleased to announce EZ Child ID now has an app you can download for free from your app store.  Once the app is download you will need to restart your phone.  Then bring your phone and your child/children up to the Gray County Sheriff’s Office where we will take their fingerprints and photo.  Once complete, the EZ Child ID system will display a scannable QR code that will upload you child’s information on your phone.  This picture, medical information and address can be modified and updated as needed. This information can be sent from your phone to law enforcement agencies in the event it is ever needed.

Call our office at (620) 855-3916 to schedule an appointment.